Dylan Ronaldson

What I like most is that all bases are covered, training, nutrition and lifestyle. Not to mention he’s easy to communicate with, there’s clear progression each block. He respects and listens to my input well. Before working with Daniel I was feeling frustrated with training after a serious back injury and making little to no progress for the best part of 4 years. I’d followed Daniel for quite some time and just really enjoyed the content he was putting out. You could tell he was a no nonsense type of guy and also super knowledgeable – Always pragmatic when discussing topics, rather than just trying to shout the loudest like so many others do online. After just three months he had all but completely eliminated my back pain and restriction of movement. Not to mention dropping 10lbs while getting stronger on my lifts simultaneously! This is the longest bout of training I’ve had without recurring pain/injury and I can’t thank him enough for it. If you’re looking for a coach, whatever your goals might be, I can’t recommend Daniel enough. Few are as well rounded and as professional as him.