Marthe Henry

In the last 4 years since I started training with Daniel, I have added 105kg to my total and have seen a drastic improvement in my body composition. I recently competed at the American Pro and won top 3 across all tested female competitors. Before working with Daniel, I had competed twice but trained without a proper program. I signed up with Daniel right after we had a great conversation at the gym, where we talked about my strength goals, how I had a big competition coming up and needed some coaching. I got invited to compete at the 2019 World Powerlifting Championships being held in Calgary.  He’s helped me build a solid routine with small habits that have helped my overall well-being. What I love most about working with Daniel is that he genuinely cares about you reaching your goals. If you ever have questions or concerns, he explains the reasons on why you are doing specific exercises or how your nutrition, sleep and stress management will help your performance. 

If you’re serious about making changes in your life, whether that’s in strength, health or overall well-being, I highly recommend that you reach out to Daniel because it’s the best decision that you’ll ever make.