The Pros and Cons of Intuitive Eating and Body Composition

Many who begin a diet do so with the desire to improve their body composition. Unfortunately, the available data on dietary success is rather daunting, and with failure rates estimated from roughly 85-95% it’s apparent that common dietary interventions are incomplete.

Optimize your recovery for maximal strength gains

Recovery and athletic performance is an important topic, and one that gets a fair bit of attention. However, information disseminated about recovery modalities often prioritize cumbersome methods with a poor return on investment. 

The Relationship Between Injury and Back Pain: Neutral Spine Versus Flexion

As someone who has sustained two major back injuries early in my lifting career, I’ve become highly engaged in the current research on back pain and treatment/prevention protocols. Through this process of research and review, my position on back pain and its implications for training have changed rather significantly.

Can You Gain Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time

Building muscle as you lose fat is the holy grail of developing an amazing physique. This is often called the “lean gains” approach. Is it possible, and if so, under what circumstances? These are the questions that will be answered throughout this article. But first, we need to discuss how muscle growth occurs so that we can evaluate the efficacy of this approach for body recomposition.

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