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About Me

Daniel DeBrocke is the former Director of Education at Kabuki Strength. He's a competitive powerlifter and strength coach with over ten years of experience in the field. He is a former undefeated Golden Gloves Boxing Champion, a Canadian national champion powerlifter in the 275Lb class and has coached athletes ranging from novice lifters to world record holders, national champions, physique based athletes, BMX racers, professional soccer and MLB players.

Daniel is a published author and writes for several renowned publications such as elitefts, Kabuki Strength, T-Nation, Bar Bend, Breaking Muscle, and Evil Genius Sport Performance and has been featured on several well known podcasts including stronger by science, reactive training systems, flex success and more. He has presented at international conferences alongside industry experts and is also the creator of the Stacked Strength Podcast.

My Vision

To be the #1 source for strength and hypertrophy

My Mission

Our mission is to create elite athletes through a blend of advanced research, coaching expertise, nutrition science, sport psychology, and behaviour modulation. We aim to redefine the standard of coaching and develop a new class of strength and physique athletes.